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Primus 100 Weight Bench


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May 25, 2008
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Board search didn't turn up any good result, so here goes.

I'm thinking about buying a weightbench + barbell to train at home and after looking through several in my price-range that would work for bench-presses and squats I found the primus 100. it looks decent to me and is within my price range.

So i wanted to ask what you people think about it and if it's any good. And basically, will it last me some time, are the weight limits reasonable so i can still use it in the distant future and how durable is it? I know it's got 3 years guarantee, but i don't want it to fall apart 1 day after the warranty is void ;)
I weight about 60kg (concerning the bench max weight).
Oh and i started with "real" weighttraining about 2 months ago, before that i only had my 13kg dumbbells. I'm currently pressing 36kg, squattin 42.5 and deadlifting 42.5, just so you can possibly take into account my future gains (well, at least i hope there will be gains :p)
Also, will the adjustable barbellstand work good for squats? I mean it's not exactly a squatrack but it should do the job just as well.
I'm currently doing squats, deadlifts, dynamic rows, bent-over-rows, military presses and of course bench presses, so i figured this (+barbell of course) should be enough for all of that, or is there something I'm missing?

Also i was wondering, if any of you have this piece of equipment, is the leg-curl stuff removeable, as it's not neccessary for me at the time.


Kettler Primus 100 Weightlifting Bench - www.sport-tiedje.co.uk - The Fitness Specialists!

If it ain't good I'd be glad about suggestions, though it should be more than 400CHF/~390USD. And it should be foldable for easy storage (my apt ain't too big ;) )

thanks in advance for your input