Pride FC action figures

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Mar 23, 2004
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does sherdog stock these, or will they stock them? if not, any suggestions as to where might?
sherdog doesn't stock them. I know there are some japanese sites that sell them that ship worldwide, but the prices are pretty high, and then shipping on top of that is pretty high too.
hmm... have you got any links handy, man? depends how high the prices are, really...
Ebay has most of them. I have ordered from the Pride store and they are good.
I've managed to get a hold of wanderlei, randleman and herring. they're expensive though, and near impossible to find anything about on google or yahoo. i want the frye, fujita and sakuraba figures now.

methinks SHERDOG should stock them. there'd be a market!
for anyone interested, the best site I have found is
they've got all the decent MMA figures and K-1 figures. some are a bit expensive, and some are much cheaper than places like (blue gloves bob sapp is a bargain)
No more action figures Tim sylvia is a real life action figure judging by his stiff body movements
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