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pretty specific question


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Jan 3, 2006
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in submission wrestling, are you allowed to do a choke where your arm is completely around his head... and his head only, or do you have to have a head and an arm? thanks
Are you talking about college wrestling? If so you can not use RNC. but you can use half nelsons. If you are wrestling freestyle then you can use RNC, knee bars, etc. If you are doing freestyle figthing then anything goes.
yeah i know you cant in college wrestling. im talking events like grapplers quest and ADCC. i see in videos where people grab their opponents head w/ their arm to do a choke, but i never see them grab their head alone to do a choke. i dont mean full nelsons. i wish i knew more about grappling and id tell you the move i mean. i see it all the time in videos, they just tie up like that, the guy on top just grabs his opponents head and an arm and clinches them as hard as he can, but i never see him grab just the head, it seems like itd be a more efficient choke, but i wasnt sure if it was legal. then again, if you grab an arm with the head, then it takes that arm out of commission so he cant use it which is a good thing. i guess that is why they always have an arm with the head, so their opponent cant use it. idk though, im sure my grappling logic is terribly flawed.
you are talikning about pillow chokes i think, they dont work unless you have the arm trapped in the lock. holding the head only doesnt cut off the blood supply in both spots