Pretty cool BJJ documentary

Cheers for the link: entertaining doc. Also cool to see what a bunch of people from NHBGear look like. :wink:
yea i enjoyed it, wish there would be a bit more rolling shown and stuff, but nevertheless i liked it
Also cool to see what a bunch of people from NHBGear look like. :wink:

Some of the ugliest people ever to caught on video.

BTW, how happy am I that another video has footage of me losing? :icon_cry2

As I've said/complained elsewhere, it seems that my losses are always videotaped, but the videographers are nowhere to be found when I'm winning! :mad:

Very cool documentary, though.
i watched 1 minute so far and its so true. jiu jitsu becomes a lifestyle!
Anybody else having problems watching the whole video? Seems to stop playing after the first ten minutes.
I'm having that problem. I'm DL'in it now. Hopefully that will help.
same problem, but i can`t dl it either :( it says file not found
It takes a long time to load. I paused it and came back an two hours later and was able to watch the whole thing just fine.
You can find it on youtube in 3 parts if you have trouble watching it. Just search jiu jitsu lifestyle.

Looking forward to seeing the YJJ compadres do well @ Pan Ams.

Brendan's seoi nage in the finals last year was sweet!