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Feb 22, 2008
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Good day, folks.

1) I have been to a physio therapist and we believe I'm free from rotator cuff impingement now. There hasn't been any symptoms of pain recently and he didn't find anything wrong with me. My shoulders are more Neanderthal so I thought face pulls might be a good idea.

2) Presently I don't have the resources to go to an athletic's club to learn all the lifts correctly so I want to do some preparation for a month or so until I can work out there instead. I've been holding off the training for far too long and I at least want to work out in the extent that I can.

So I figured some exercising wouldn't hurt until I can start with 3x5 routine.
Here is my suggestion:


kneeling crunch in cable
Back extensions


kneeling crunch in cable
Face pulls


kneeling crunch in cable
Face pulls

Bah, it'll all get easier once I can get to do a squat 3 times a week routine. And by easier I mean on the programming part. My body is going to be whipped because of my girly man impudence.

The thing I'm mostly concerned about the rotator cuffs. They work in many exercises. Is it too much with face pulls twice a week? Perhaps internal and external rotation instead? I don't really wanna hit it with isolation work if I can work up slowly weight wise and make the cuff function in more compound exercises.

I guess my back work gets some attention from you guys. Well don't know really how to balance the back extensions. I've heard it's easy to overload the back with BE so I skipped BOR on Monday. Should I do pull-ups instead? I'm no expert in working out the abs so if you have any suggestions you may fire away.

As much as t-nation sucks sometimes - these articles are really good.
Are you serious I did not see squats or deadlifts?
I perhaps should've clarified that I use this routine until I actually can work out at an athletics club with better supervision/equipment. It's a financial question. When I can workout properly I'll do 3x5 routine stated in SS.

Thanks for the article series I'll investigate it.
What are you using to do your cable crunches, BOR, and face pulls if you don't have access to a gym?

I'd ditch the cable crunches for ab wheel work or dragon flags. Also work the other side of the core with some supermans or something along those lines
Well there are 2 gyms in my town but they are both not very preferable. One basically is packed with machines and some tiny room for dumbbell exercises. The other one has some free weights though but is nothing compared to the athletic's club (which is located elsewhere. I need more funds to train there). I don't want to learn squat, deadlift and such just by myself and mirrors. I'd hope that I could get help at the athletic's club if I was doing something horribly wrong. Plus, none of the gyms in my town has squat racks but they do have ABBA soundtrack playing.

Point is: I can't train at a real gym just yet so I have to make due with my local alternatives for now.

I thought some core work could prepare me for squats and such even though they work the core as well. I'll google those exercises.