Prem Euro 2024 Thread v1: England V Spain It's Coming Home Edition

Winner: Portugal
Top goalscorer: Ronaldo
POTT: Ronaldo
YPOTT: Joao Neves

Take it to the bank
@BroRogan @Chules @Ignicious <lol> <lol> <lol>

Relegation next season confirmed. Neverton are done out here fam

looooool <lmao>


You would think they would have listened to Villa and Toon fans :rolleyes:

They're the worst kits I've ever seen and an absolute clown show of a company. People were waiting months for shirts to come and when they did, the badges were hanging off them :eek:
Wot meal deal drink / snack is your go to?!

I tend to get the big hula hoops bbq and a frijj 😂

Had one of those protein yoghurts coz I'm getting jacked again, and a coconut water.

Love those milkshakes too though
Read about a group of scottish fans that got in a car crash on the way to their destionation in Germany.

2 got seriously hurt, 4 not that much.
Not a laughing matter, but they did drive on the left side of the road... in Germany

<lmao> <lmao> <lmao>

Straight out of the Mike Ashley playbook, this one.