*** Power Slap Championship Discussion MEGA THREAD ***Power Slap 7 Friday April 12 9pm EST

Do you love or hate Power Slap (Fighting)?

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Turp Daddy is going to get it done this time. Last time Wolverine's chin was hiding under his beard, but Turp was beginning to find it at the end. One or two more rounds and he would have gone to sleep. Turpin in round 1 this time around.
I forgive you Turp, we good 💯

Final picks for da mandem after sum tinkin':

Prelim mandem:
Ronald "The Sandman" Staton vs Will "Big Boy" Woods (LHW): Woods finna get the KO Ron sux bro

Cooper "The House" Housley vs Stevie Ray Payne (HW): My yute Stevie by better name like bro 🤣

Joseph Landman vs Ke'Ali'i Kanekoa (MW):
Slappy Joe cracks him inda 1st seen dis boi buck he ain't the type to succeed in the rough sport of Power Slap fam iono we'll see

******MAIN CARD******
MATCH 1: Russel "Steppy Joe" Rivero vs Cody "Bodacious" Belisle (LHW):
Cody gettin' slept 1st slap fam 🛌 (winner by DQ)

MATCH 2: Isaiah "Pretty Boy" Quinones vs. Ryan "The Joker" Wallace (MW):
Goes all 3, The Joker scoops the W 🃏

MATCH 3: StrikerMaurits aka Alan Klingbeil vs Coltin "The Truth" Cole (LHW):
StrikerMaurits by brutal KO 2nd round. Coltin Cole's posture all sorts of messed up, kinetic chain ain't ready, can't defend or slap right 😵

MATCH 4: KO Christapher vs Anthony Blackburn (WW):
Blackburn shocks the world and cracks KO Chris in the 2nd. Expect bro to be snorin' on the way down, clean KO 💤

MATCH 5: El Perro vs Static (MW):
Iono didn't expect Ayjay to come in fit AF but still think El Perro takes the W. Prolly rd 3 KO, Static still got a chin fam #Trust

MATCH 6: Da Hawaiian Hitman vs. Eviahn "Kine Eyez" Scott (SHW):
Be cool to see Hitman vs Da Crazy Hawaiian in a bro vs bro match but I don't see that happenin cuz Kine Eyez finna crack him in the 1st. CLEAN ko. Bro was green, caught an L against another island boy but he's a vet now.

MATCH 7: Turp vs Wolverine "Ron" Bata (HW...Turp missed weight so LHW title ain't up for grabs):
Turp ends him late, prolly 4th rd 5th rd KO. Not clean cuz bro got a chin but #PowerSlap all aboot safety

MATCH 8: The Bell vs Ryan "KoK" Phillips (HW TITLE):
Ryan Phillips by soul slicer rd 2 fam, Turp finna jump the line UFC style and buck for da HW strap

Go ahead and bet fam, das free money 🤑🤑🤑
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It was time for bringing my Bladeless Bushido style to #PowerSlap. Too many much foul. No longer enough honor in sport.


Shidoshi Big Mac, this will been for you fam.

#CleanUpTheSport #AllTheBelts


Time for focus.

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#PizzaGate 2.0 smdh....

Robert, give the man his check or you finna eat a large combo my guy
Asia out here gettin it too fam

Specially engineered slap device ting lit fam good for them for real not as good as StronKube tho 💯 🙏🔥
Finna be me widda slap head mandem on Power Slap 300 except I been here since day 1 fam not 12

Slaps from last event incoming. Or you know, just check their IG. I don't take another shit for about 3-4 hours so my time is limited. Also been eating a lot of fiber so only a couple minutes of work my not get them all in my bad fam.
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SlapFight Championship has a cool card this weekend on April 20th

One of my personal favs is Runt, the current MW champion, looking for another title defense and a 7th straight win!

Undersized but still buckin' da mandem. Frankie Edgar of Slap Fighting IMHO. Also has one of the quickest follow-thru I've seen.

Hero Mark Coleman on commentary 😎

Be sure to check out SlapFight Championship 420 fam, ting finna be lit 🗣️💨🔥

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Anthony Blackburn has the cleanest technique in all of Power Slap. He takes full advantage of the Serape effect while keeping his feet firmly planted.

Left side fully relaxed in the windup, right side fully engaged. He lets the stretch reflex do what it's supposed to do and doesn't muscle it. Caps off with an incredible follow through. Absolutely beautiful display of athleticism.

Bro got dat Serape on lock swear down fam dat come from handlin dat pizza spatula during dinner rush fam DEADAZZ 🚫🧢🧢
Check it out. If Power Slap isn't your thing, give this org a try. Works better for live viewing IMO.

More rounds and a MUCH faster pace from the competitors.

Chin tucks allowed.

Mark Coleman commentating.

Audience is fucking awesome.

It's actually a dope event guys. Less fouls and incredible pacing. These guys know how to take shots properly too.
dana trying to capitalize on people who are a few life events away from literally being homeless. the sooner they end this show the better.
Look at dis homeless bucktee doing homeless guy things donating 25% of his liver to a fellow athlete's daughter

Right in line with the narratives 6ixdog be makin.
PS7 early prelims gettin' thrown up on Rumble kinda remind manz of da early MMA dayz when I had to w8 for da tape to come to da states before you watch em buck

Full match:

I ain't watch yet but Ron sux bro prolly lost

Edit: Damn both dem yutes got better good match
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