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possible to lose 35lb in 3 months with my current training



Hi guys!

It's my first posting here. So please ignore it if I misspell words sometimes,
because English is not my mother tongue as I come from Austria.

A few facts:
I'm 24 yrs old. I am 6ft 1 tall and weigh around 210 lbs. Although this is pretty
much I have to admit that I'm pretty good in different sports. Right now I box/kickbox
play tennis/badminton and sometimes lift weights. Because of a knee-injury I
had recently my sportsmed said, that If I want to continue making lots of sport I have
to lose about 35 lbs. Right now I take Ephedrine and adapt my diet. Now to my training

Monday: Badminton-Training (high intensity ca.2h)
Tuesday: weight room (1/2 h cardio, 1 h lifting weights)
Wednesday: Thaiboxing (high intensity 1 1/2 h)
Thursday: Boxing (1 1/2 h)
Friday: weight room (as at tuesday
Saturday: Tennis (2h high intensity)
Sunday: resting (resting and drinking-day as tank abbott would say :D )

How do you like my training so far please give me some response
Hi Neosamurai!

I generally have no problem with running, but right now I can't run, due to
my knee injury. But I think that It don't depends on how you lose your calories as long as you burn them somehow. Or do you mean I should do more Cardio in General?
Try swimming, i never run and dont have a problem with gassing, or not burning enough calories.
Maybe drop the badminton unless you really enjoy it and change it to swimming. Don't drink beer. STAY AWAY FROM THE BEER, as Couture said on TUF 1.
Replace a meal with a green drink
I went from 220 the 185 in 11 weeks recently
PM me if you'd like.
Try cycling or even the eliptical machine...a half hour on that will do more than badminton, I think.