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Popped a ligament in my ankle today



Long story short, person came in for a single leg, my toe got stuck between the mats while I was sprawling, my ankle got twisted, a loud pop and finally immense pain.

I just got back from the hospital, and thankfully there was no breaking of anything.

I can't walk at all which sucks. But the Worst part of all this is that I can't train for the next month and a half.

I have decided to work on my upper body in the gym while I am out with this injury.

Any other training suggestions?
hmm... you could try hydro-therapy to re-hab your ankle.
Did you actally tear the ligament or just stretch or strain it?
If I were you I would just walk on your ankle for about a week then do light rehab exercises ntil you can train again. I had a similar injury a few years ago and I had to do rehab exercises for about 6 weeks: gastronemis stretch, soleus stretch, ankle rotations and flexions and practicing writing my name with my foot, all to strenghthn the ligaments and surrounding muscles. If you dont do anything the mscles and ligaments will atrophy and your ankle will be weaker and take longer to heal.
Thanks for the advice.

It's been 4 days so far; the swelling has been reduced to a minimum, but my foot is now blue/green.

I have been doing weight training, but I don't feel like that's not enough.

I have a no-gi tournament coming up in October, and I need to be ready for then.
if you can ride a bike at the gym do that it will help with your cardio ... other then that i'd just work on pure upper body & arm strength (people really underestimate how much strength means in grappling)
won't quick bloodflow increase the swelling? hope you heal fast though bro.
I have torn (and re-torn) my ankle ligaments. One exercise i've found to be very good is standing on the injured leg for as long as possible. It gets helps you regain your sense of balance. Time yourself on your good leg and try to build up to that time. Try closing your eyes or doing something with your hands (juggling, throwing punches) while doing it. These will intensify the exercise. Also be wary of going back to training too early, it's easy to re-injure it if it hasn't fully healed, especially when doing takedowns.