police brutality


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Mar 7, 2002
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um, im for it...

i watch tv and people are freaking out about a kid getting slammed on a hood...ok, he hit a cop and then grabbed another by the nuts after handcuffed...and did this in the presence of his dad, whom im sure condoned it...

then i see a guy that gets run over by an officer, then beaten by 2 others...um, he went on a 30 minute run from cops...im sure hes a winner...

the point is, the guys these cops are beating on arent good people...they are jobless druggees and dealers who are a plague to the rest of the hardworking society...so fuck them...

please support your local police force by petitioning for more beatings
Police Brutality is not part of their job and It is against the law. A couple cops at my jui jitsu dojo were talking about this and agreed that both cases were excessive
If he gets up, then we'll all get up, and it will be anarchy. Think about it
i just think that people are fucking crying over these fuckers "rights" way too much...

if a cop roughs up some criminal, i could give a shit...he shouldnt be a fucking criminal in the 1st place
cause he fucking ran from the cops and resisted arrest, a fucking felony
Remember that there are times where people may run from the police or flee in a car because they're stupid, scared of the unknown, etc... They may not necessarily be felons.
I ran once a long time ago, I broke a window when I was in grwde school does that mean I should have been slammed up against a car and hit in the face?
I thought u were innocent until proven guitly in a court of law...
Punky if you mother accidentaly hit a police car would you want them tokick her ass too?
if she proceeded to flee the cops, then yeah beat her senseless