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please critique my average daily caloric intake..


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Oct 21, 2002
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few facts about me.
1. i'm almost 31
2. i'm 5'7 &217-220 lbs
3. i bench about 320 & squat ass to grass 370
4. i've lifted on and off for about 7 years always powerlifting sytle.

But now i'm changing gears and i want to work out with a little more persistence and increase my supplementation.
I started protein & glutamine ingesting. Here is my daily intake.
7:45 a.m i drink a optimum nutrition shake with 6 oz of low fat milk and one scoop of protein, 2tsp of glutamine & one banana. Giving me always 30-32 grams of protein per shake.
10:00 a.m same shake
12:00 i have some sort of lunch. It varies. However, i eat alot of turkey, ham, and bologna sandwiches at this time.
2:00 i have a shake with the glutamine but not the banana.
If i workout at say 5:00-5:30 i have a post workout shake with glutamine and a banana again.
7:00-8:00 i have my dinner. Usually chicken or some sort of hamburger helper.

How does all of this sound?? i know they say you should try to eat small portions throughout the day. But it's hard to do that at work. So shakes is the way i go. i figure i have 5-7 meals a day counting the shakes. 4-6 liquid and always 2 solid meals. My muscles feel fuller than they did without the protein supplementaion, so that is postive feedback. Anybody have any suggestions on how to better myslelf or am i on the right track??
You never gave how many calories you're taking in! Plus, what are you trying to do? Bodybuild? Powerlift? Train MMA?
See Berardi's articles in "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutrition." Man, he'd be going off on you- for the reason ocspray mentioned.