pitbull pictures wanted/needed


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Sep 1, 2003
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If you own a pitbull and would like to put it on our site go to our site and click "Check This Out" scroll down and click the black pitbull that says "click me to view" on the left side. We will do our best to get as many as possible up.

I would love a pitbull but MC outlaws them now if they weren't born before 96.
Here's my 6 month old pitbull when it was 6 months. Don't got any recent pics.


My other pit when it was 1 month.

I agree, but we have had many Pitbull maulings in the MD area. We had one kill a little girl like a month ago.
yeah man, those dogs are fucking brutal sometimes
The dogs themselves are very loving and great companions if treated properly and raised well. It is, sorry to say, alot of dumb fucks who neglect the dogs and that drives them to use primal instincts and attack.
True in Ontario they went crazy over pitbull banning, so now even my chocolate lab is affected to the point he needs to have a muzzle on in public. Ontario is very gay
HelioBoy said:
Not a Pit, but my mean looking dogs



Those are great dogs. I'm keen on my two 100lbs dumb as rock black labs. Gental as a kitten but big and stupid.

Pits are good dogs if raised right. Send pictures to www.gameness.net and keep posting the pictures here. Helio boy your dog is not a pit but I still like the looks for your dog. Soid send the pup to us.

i knew a pitbull once and it was probably the sweetest dog i've even been in contact with.

that being said, what does this have to do with gear and equipment?
It is Gameness a G & E providor asking for pics.
here's mine. These dogs are nothing but big lap dogs. Keep eating the crap the media feeds you. :icon_evil
Here are my pits they are the friendliest dogs ever. The fawn one is the biggest baby but weighs about 90 lbs. The white one is my female She weighs about 55 lbs:
I had a friend who had 12 pitbulls and all of them where really nice never harmed anyone and they where really kind to the baby they had at the house as well..its just dumb fucks that raise them to fight is what gives them a bad rep..Ill try to get pics of my friends pitbulls
Wow, before I made this anouncement, we just had about a half of a page of pits now we are up to a page an a half. Just to make sure everyone understands, if you would like your pit being put up on the Gameness.net site, please refer to my first two posting in how to do it and thanks again for all your support.