Pickle Juice: Does it actually have any useful properties?


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Oct 11, 2006
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Don't ask me why, but I've always loved pickles and pickle juice. I've read that sometimes athletes drink it for hydration purposes (a Philly Eagle IIRC), any true to that. At least I can say its for health reasons now lol (not expecting super properties).

well... it's largely vinegar... see the vinegar thread for more information.
Pickle juice and vinegar are good for stopping acid reflux, and heartburn.
Largely what Urban said, as well as the Sodium(?) content means it works in a similar regard to many 'Sports Drinks'. The Vinegar/Lemon Juice thread has tons of information and has persuaded many people(including myself) to just start drinking the stuff.

Generally, it will aid recovery and fight off muscle cramps. Probably no better than any other vinegar with a heavy-salt food.

I think the key thing that most people would advise is to make sure you boost your water intake if you're just going to pound back some pickle juice every day.
I have a cousin who makes pickle juice ice cubes. He says he sucks on it during workouts so he doesn't get cramps. I told him that sounds disgusting to me but if it helps then go for it.