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[PIC] JDS training in the hotel he's staying


Jan 19, 2011
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Here's JDS hitting some pads:


From his Instagram.

Jesus. Hulk arms in the second photo. The guy throws so quickly for a heavy weight and his punches have so little loop that they dont look dramatic and its easy to forget he could punch holes in concrete. Id love to have him throw that lean in jab to the body on me just to feel how much damage it does (no trying to be a just bleed guy, i know it would really hurt, im just ok with it for the sake of experience), its hard to gauge just watching it, but id be will to bet even that could wind a person.
Going the Fedor route I see, always good (training on a court).
He lost weight for overeem. (Mobility and quickness) Gained muscle for Cain. (Holy shit that arm. For stuffing Tdds and scrambling I reckon)
Yep. People tend to not give JDS credit for being a massive and scary dude, but he certainly is.
Shiet. He's looking like a beast. Cain better bring his best game this time around.
pretty sure that's brazil

he has definately put on some mass