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Petition to move WEC back to the Contenders forum


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Feb 3, 2006
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I love the WEC.

I love talking about fighters in the WEC, upcoming WEC events, WEC signings, etc.

Unfortunately, ever since WEC got moved to the Heavyweights forum, it has been damn near impossible to start any meaningful discussions about the WEC. WEC discussions die a quick and painful death in the Heavyweights, scrolling off the front page in nothing flat and never surfacing again.

Let's face facts. The Heavyweights forum is chock full of folks who either (a) don't give two shits about anything that doesn't involve the UFC or (b) trolls who exist only to start shit with the aforementioned UFC huggers.

Is there any way we can move WEC out of the clusterfuck that is the Heavyweights and back to the Contenders where people can talk about the organization?
Much like a WEC post in the Heavyweights, this post has been completely ignored. I suppose I could have been a jackass and started this topic in an inappropriate forum, but I didn't want to risk the dubs or give the impression that I was bitching just for the sake of bitching.

I'll bump it this one time just to see if I can get any response. If not, I'll just give up on talking about the WEC as it is hopeless to do so in the Heavyweights.