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Peter Quillin vs Antwun Echols plus Chazz Witherspoon Tonight ESPN2


Gold Belt
Sep 1, 2002
Reaction score
Peter Quillin SC Antwun Echols
Chazz Witherspoon SC Domonic Jenkins
Tommy Rainone SC Geoffery Spruiell
Francisco Cabrera SC Luis Alberto Cervantes
Gabriel Rosado SC Joshua Onyango

Real good main event, as top middleweight prospect Peter "Kid Chocolate" takes his biggest step up in the main event against the veteran former title challanger Echols. Quillin is fun and flashy plus he throws out hearshey kisses into the crows after his win, but against Echols he faces a guy who still packs a punch. This will be an all action fight, and with a win Quillin will jump to the top of the prospect rankings. Also in the co main event, we have Chazz Witherspoon, an undefeated heavyweight who has yet to have his career defining fight. He faces the useful Jenkins, thought the last time we saw Jenkins he didn't try very hard against Fields, still Jenkins has KO'd undefeated guys before and hopefully this time he will give a full effort. Fights start at 10, hopefully I'll be back for the main event as I'm seeing The Bravery tonight, enjoy.
Jenkins has taken a few 0 from undefeated fighters as well as gave Tann one of his losses.

Really looking forward to tonights card.
Echols....geez. He looked shitty in his last fight. Wonder how much of a prep he had in his last fight.
Sounds like it should be a pretty good card. Nothin g wrong with free boxing on a weeknight.
Echols has not won in a few years but he still has that punch. Only thing is he fought ten rounds just 6 weeks ago. I hope he does good.
I have to work tonight, but if somebody could please post what happens on here tonight, I'd appreciate it.
Anyone know what happened? I turned it on at ten and (of course) baseball was still on. Turned to ESPN2 at 11, and Baseball tonight is suddenly on. I hate ESPN.
I hate them as well. Any ideas people?
Fuck fucking ESPN and their fucking base-fucking-fuck-ball.

Tired of this bullshit fucking happening.
I've been looking forward to this fucking card for a few fucking weeks fucking now and this shit happens... FUCK!

I just flipped over there and the Witherspoon fight is in the second round.
I agree. They're late in round 3 now.
Witherspoon looked OK and won a pretty easy decision, but the commentators kept mentioning how Witherspoon should have gotten Jenkins out of there. Still some work to do for Witherspoon.....
Quillin needs to correct himself.

He leaves his left hand hanging after he jabs.

He's lucky Antwun is used up or he'd have turned his lights out with a right hand.
Quillan won pretty easily. I think Echols is pretty much done, but this was a good win for Quillan. There is work to be done, though, as you said.
Quillin did really well...considering Echols is totally used up.

He has a lot of work to do if he hopes to have a chance against the 2nd tier and top tier guys out there.

He's still young though.
The Witherspoon-Jenkins Heavyweight bout was pretty fun to watch.

It's been a while since I've seen two bigger heavyweights throwing, landing and getting hit that often. Not a bad pace either.
They were making it out to see like Witherspoon wasn't throwing any uppercuts on the inside, just not true... he was and was landing with them.

Also nice to see that Witherspoon can get hit with a solid punch and not freak out. Maybe I've seen too many big heavyweights that just crumble after one big shot. He'd get popped and throw right back.

Missed the Quillan fight though. Thanks ESPN.... ya bitch.
Doesn't seem like Witherspoon will go too far if he can get hit so easily, plus he doesn't have world class power. But he can hold his own against the smaller heavys. Let's hope they continue to increase his competition level a Mike Mollo or Brian Minto would be a great next fight.