People who just don't get it?


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Mar 10, 2004
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Guy at my club is just NOT getting grappling at all. He has not progressed since he started. He doesn
The next time you see him, ask him how it felt to KO Mirko like he did.

just continue to look at him like a pussy.. and treat him like one as well.
He will come around..
patience young grasshopper
if he keeps training hell pick it up, if not, its just the natural selection of jiujitsu some people just arent meant to train this style, i think the average thresh hold for a noob is 2 months then they say , fuck it and quit
Sounds like he needs an attitude change. I don't know if treating him disrespectfully will help, though.
groo said:
The next time you see him, ask him how it felt to KO Mirko like he did.


That was my first thought too, lol.
He sounds like he's just stupid. That can't be fixed.
I've been in my BJJ school just a few months, and I've already seen at least 10 guys like him give up & quit since I started. This guy must have some serious dedication if he keeps putting in the time. Who knows why...
Just the other day we were doing across side drills. Unfortunately I was paired up with him, and he was the one on top. He gets into position and proceeds to do NOTHING. The object of this particular drill was to ATTACK from the across-side. So after a forcing him out of position a number of times, and a few shrimps back to guard, I finally get frustrated. I take my knee down from blocking his hip, and I take my arm off his neck and the other off his hip, and just lay on my back. I figured he just HAD to do something now. Sure enough he does nothing. Finally he says to me in a sort of sarcastic tone, "Hey, everything alright, your not DOING anything". I said,
one day... something will click inside him and he will start getting better. sometimes people pick up things slowly... i was a slow learner at bjj to be honest, i wish i could say i was a natural but it took me awhile to understand everything but once i did i was very satisfied with my rate of progress and i am happy with how my skills continue to progress. just keep encouraging him and helping him. that's all you can do.
Ya he seems like he has the passion 6 months and no results, he should come around though, if not just try to avoid rolling wiht him :S
if he's just gonna hold people down and muscle people around he'll never learn anything. tell him to open up his game and roll light with him...don't try to beat him, just fuck around and let him move, only bust out some offense if he walks right into it, so he'll feel how effortless it should be. sometimes when you're rolling with people, its really competitive and you're outclassed you tighten up because you can't get anything going...then you learn nothing cause all you did all class was bury your head in someone's chest so they couldnt sweep you. if you open up, at least you get to try some escapes and defense.

edit: you know how competitive it can get on the mats at renzo's...some people roll at competition-level intensity all the time. so let him know you're not going to do that and the goal isnt to win, its to learn.
In my experience, people that come from extreme traditional martial arts backgrounds, especally those that revolve around chi and mysticism are the most susceptable to this. I could explain my theory why that is, but that would be disrespectful.......
I thought you had to be at least a blue to roll at Renzo's.
maybe I should "adopt" this guy as a training partner. He could make me feel like a superstar. To some degree though, I empathize with this guy. I'm FAR from a natural. Probably the polar oppisite. I've never been athletic, and BJJ is a struggle for me. I'm not very coordinated and to add insult to injury, I'm about 30lb overweight, so I gas really easily. I don't think I'm as clueless as the guy your talking about, but trying to do alot of these moves is a struggle.
Hmm I don't understand. Why are you rolling with him if you don't like the way he's rolling. Just let him learn on his own. When I first started out I did some stupid shit too like digging elbows into the knee, stacking, and being a spaz. If you say he rolls like he's completely new, then treat him as someone completely new. Just let him learn with the "lower-rank" white belts. Yo triso check your PM.
Cardio said:
I thought you had to be at least a blue to roll at Renzo's.

this gets addressed anytime a thread comes around concerning renzo gracie academy, but i just want you to do a little thinking....

would it make any sense whatsoever, considering that the entire bjj training ideology is based on randori (live sparring), to prevent people from rolling for the first 1-2 years of their training?
Man, if I were you, I'd just use as an oppurtunity to learn how to deal with muscling. We all know theres those people at times in tourneys who will muscle you to death. But I had a similar experience over two years when I first started (I took a year and a half break when I moved) in another location. The guy was a HUGE man, very strong but sooo dumb. I hate to say that about him cause he was really nice and wouldn't do anything to intentionally harm someone. He was also a local "professional wrestler" and he was the champ of the show around there. His special move was something like a DDT or something so for the three or four BJJ classes he attended he'd always ask (like this) "hey, k-k-could ya D..DDT em from 'ere?" and my instructor would be like..... well I guess so, but I wouldn't suggest it" I never actually did some open rolling with him though, just some drills like the guard pass game. He didn't try any type of real guard pass... he just lifted and sat me down gently (at right around 250 lbs that time was no problem for him to lift with ease) and quit soon after he realized strength wasn't everything, but anyways just thought some people might enjoy this story.

Goodluck with your situation! Hope he can straighten up and fly right!
You guys in your class should probably try talking to him. I'm sure there must be something wrong tht's bthering him