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People act like belts don't mean anything anymore but one good reason to go for a belt is

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Jpenwell14, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. So you can headline cards with other champions on them. I think everyone would like to see the most famous fighters come back relatively often but with so many champions to cater to it's just not realistic to expect a turn around of a couple months. Nor can you expect headliners to be in the second or third slot under the main event.

    Unfortunately in the long run this means loss of potential money. Nate, conor, masvidal, etc etc all could probably fight 3 or 4 times in a year but won't really be able to unless they are getting promoted to #1 contender

    Unfortunately that makes a nate vs conor. Conor vs gaethje or masvidal vs nick diaz fight unlikely.

    It's much more likely we see a gaethje vs poirier 2 fight night or 3 round co main. The only conceivable option otherwise is if usman were injured, doing conor vs masvidal for the interim ww title. Not saying I'd want that, it would be a joke but from a business standpoint you'd have to consider it.

    Nate and gaethje might make some sense as both have fought 3 rounds against the right opponents in recent memory, and I'm sure both want ppv points.

    Poirier being in no man's land his best case is probably rda if he wins tonight.

    Then of course there is masvidal vs usman.

    If the nick diaz come back is real, it will probably be vs Lawler 2, or a joke interim ww belt vs masvidal.

    There are just alot of barriers logistically to these guys being able to fight.
  2. I'm just saying if you do the math, it's pretty obvious the way this should and has to go

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