PEEKABOO: Rolling with the punches like Lamotta and Tyson?

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by ElDiabloLoco503, Jul 31, 2016.

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    The peekaboo is a very tight guard, so the punches literally slide off the arms, and I'm interested in learning how to roll/ride like Lamotta or Tyson with my punches while using it. From what I've heard, it takes rounds of sparring to develop the reflexes to ride with the punch. For instance; while catching a hard fastball in baseball, you move your hand back to reduce the impact. Tyson, Patterson, and Torres all claimed they did this during their careers.

    A while ago, a gentleman asked the same question, but it wasn't answered because it was a more "complicated" question than he originally asked.
    I'd like to know how Lamotta and Tyson did it in their stances and for each punch including ones that are not side to side like an uppercut or jab. Do I just pump my head back like Rocky? Please include the mechanics and gifs if possible.

    I'll ask my coach on how to do this after he returns from fort mead, but I'd LOVE to get comfortable and started before he comes back in six months. Some people like Floyd Mayweather have a guard that allows them to roll with the punches, while others like Tyson and Lamotta moved in the opposite direction of impact through ways like bobbing. I'd like to try all ways and find my own that works best for me. If you guys can help me get started so I can cover more ground when he comes back, I'd love it!
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    lol @ your coch being away for six months

    what a load of rubbish

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