***PBF vs ODLH SEP 20th****

Same outcome but closer and more exciting fight.

Not the fight I want to be seeing but ill tune in.
same result with a wider outcome.

if stevie hit oldh that easy what you think floyds gonna do?
I hope ODLH gives Floyd his first L on his record.

I am an Oscar DLH fan but I think it owuld be best for Mayweather to win. If Oscar wins and leaves the sport it wont do anything for boxing.

I hope its a good fight. I hope the PPV takes the opportunity to put on some big names on undercard. DLH vs. Mayweather II is talked alot about at my work. While those who know boxing know Cotto-Mayweather is the fight to see alot of Casual fans still seem to see Cotto as an "up and commer". And De La Hoya as the number one contender. Untrained eyes also believe the DLH fight was alot closer than it really was.

Watching it live, I really wanted DLH to win and I thought he had it won (When I saw it live). Watching it again a day later, while I believe it was close, I felt Mayweather should of had a UD. Something like 8 Rounds to 4. At best, 7 Rounds to 5 in favor of Mayweather.

This fight wont be the "same" in my eyes though. Either it will be an easier fight for Money May or a harder fight for Money May. One of the other.
Cant wait for this fight!! Same result as last time.
With Floyd Sr. back to training Oscar, I think it will be a much tougher fight. From Floyd Sr.'s comments on Countdown to Delahoya vs Forbes, he has a strong motivation to make sure Oscar can beat Floyd Jr. If Oscar beats PBF, how much trash will Floyd Sr. talk to Floyd Jr. and Roger?
By the way. I think it would be best for Oscar De la Hoya to take a slight pay cut for the sake of his promotional company.

I know its a strech but instead of making 45 million, why not cut down to 35 million and and use 10 million to pay some big stars.

I think putting Juan Manuel Marquez on the card against a B+ level opponent who is willing to bang will be brilliant to give him bigger exposure. (And will help the arena get filled up and not look like a ghost town)

Juan Diaz on the card against someone like Katsidis would be very marketable. Maybe even Forbes vs. Diaz or Katsidis.

They need to create an energy and put on some light.

What about Barrerra on the card? he's over the hill but marketable and put him in there against a young star. You'll either have a Veteran put on a gutsy performance or a young star born.

I dont think this is the type of card that should have the orginary undercards we see on normal PPV's. And this seems the only realistic PPV event that could make it happen. Plus long term is better for ODLH and his promotional company.
The judges messed up the first fight by it being a SD. It should've been a UD, and it's gonna be even wider this time.
i have a feeling mayweather will stop oscar late on in the rematch.oscar thinks floyd sr is the secret for his success but i reckon this will motivate floyd jr and roger.we will see the best pretty boy we have seen.
10th round stoppage
Oscar's gonna do it this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*thinks again*

No, Mayweather UD but it'll be close if Oscar can keep the gameplan and utilise his jab.
If DLH uses his jab: same result but more exciting fight
If not: Mayweather by UD wide
I hope they can turn this into Cotto fight next. It will also be nice to see how much DLH really has left. Predicting a PBF win tho.
Outside of the economics, I don't think Mayweather has anything to gain and everything to lose in this fight.
Im glad Atlas and Tessitore spoke the truth that this fight blows and does not progress the sport.
It progresses the thickness of many peoples' wallets.

Well for your business' sake I'm glad the fight is happening. I'll catch the replay a week later though.