PBC on Fox draws 1.303M viewers on Saturday

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    PBC on Fox Saturday night drew an average of 1.303M viewers in fast nationals. The event saw Jeison Rosario defeat Julian Williams in an upset for Williams’ junior middleweight title.

    The event drew 1.256M viewers in the first hour and 1.350M in the second hour according to Nielsen via ShowBuzz Daily. In the next day or so we’ll see the overrun numbers.

    Last year, the PBC on Fox event drew 1.72M viewers in fast nationals opposite NHL and NBA on the other network channels. This year, PBC on Fox ran up against the Lakers-Rockets game on ABC.

    The last time a PBC on Fox event ran during a UFC PPV night was this past May when it drew 1.21M viewers. Also, on that night was a DAZN boxing event and a Bellator event.

    Payout Perspective:

    Fairly good ratings for PBC on Fox despite UFC competition and network competition from the NBA featuring a marquee matchup with Lebron versus James Harden. The telecast did pickup viewers from first to second hour so that should please boxing execs.

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    Thats not even Peak numbers. Thats pretty good. ESPN card had started, Lakers-Rockets, UFC Prelims were ending and the PPV was starting. And it was not just any ppv but McGregors first since losing.
    Good numbers
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    Pretty impressive numbers. Pbc on fox has been great

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