Pavlovich vs Ngannou


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May 26, 2021
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Who would win this hypothetical fight?

Aspinall vs Pav was a fluke, White Ngannou is the real deal
Someone would get stopped quickly.
Still Ngannou. Pav doesn't have the skills or physical attributes to take advantage of Ngannous terrible habit of biting on every feint, tendency to switch stances even when he's not that good at the opposite stance, and bad hand placement. I'd take Ngannou 65-35.
Jon was a man who whooped the HW division and beat Stipe to get the title.

WAIT, that was a man with guts, Francis.​
Francis has the better career, and better performances when comparing the two. No question about that.

Seems like his career is basically over though, while Pavlovich will keep fighting and might actually improve past the slightly-more-technical-brawler than he is right now.
Ngannou's performance against Stipe the 2nd time is probably top 3 performance in HW MMA history. Pav doesn't have a win that even comes to close to that yet and he got merked by Old Man Reem.