Paul Harris is dirty but....

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by skysolo, Aug 2, 2015.

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    Jake Shields surrounds himself with complete idiots.

    His "friends" the Diaz brothers and another guy were attempting to start another riot during another one of his fights. This is the second time that Shields is upstaged by the antics of the Diaz brothers.

    And why on Earth would they create a scene when their friend is fighting one of the biggest fights of his life? That fight could have brought Shields more money or even back to the UFC.

    And Shields' corner guy is also an idiot. He tried to push pass the the cage after Paul Harris held on too long. What could possibly be the corner guy's upside to entering the cage? At that point Palhares had let go and the ref was in-between the two. The corner guys entrance into the cage would have done nothing but ensure that he never corners another WSOF event again (which happen anyway).

    Shields seems so rational but his camp are irrational, hyper-emotional, quick-tempered morons. Nick, Nate, the other guy throwing crap in the crowd, the corner guy should all lose their licences and never be allowed to fight or corner another sanctioned event.

    I know that is harsh but this is too much.
  2. BisexualMMA

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    The Diaz brothers and Giblert acted like complete morons when they jumped Mayhem. That was disgraceful and embarrassing, and they all should have been suspended.

    They would be far more justified jumping on Palhares for crap like this. If a competitor isn't playing by the rules or doesn't cease fighting when the match is officially over, then maybe it's time for some street justice.
  3. AgonyandIrony

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    LOL. Shields is training out of San Fran now, not Stockton I believe.

    Also, cornermen are fucking devout. They're the boys you bring to your personal war. If your cornerman doesn't involve himself somehow after someone holds a submission too long than fuck him, hire a new cornerman.

    Also, has anyone ever held a sub too long on you? It's fucking rage inducing, it's panic induced "what the fuck are you doing?" shit. Even accidentally you tend to lash out. Years ago some noob held a sub too long, and I just instantly head butted the prick. In that position, that violation of an agreement, the "what the fuck is he doing I tapped?", the fact your arm is about to break.

    Anyone holds on a sub they better be aware of the repercussions. In a local bjj tournament in a small ass arena, if someone held a sub too long to be a fucking prick, I know the people I train with, the people I trust, would be over that fence.

    Quit being a fucking Autist and train.
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    Wow you and your friends sound like bigger dick bags.

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    It's funny, cause after the submission, when Shields was pissed, and you could see the cage doorman holding people back, I told my friends the story of how the Diaz bros basically killed the network deal Strikeforce had with their tom foolery.

    I was saying, "Man I bet WSOF made sure not to let the Diaz brothers anywhere near the inside of the cage".

    Little did I know, they had started a huge fight in the crowd, which I didn't find out til later. Haha, good thing it happened off screen. Don't wanna fuck up another network deal.
  6. Ths808IsCatchy

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    well written post

    shields isn't exactly a stickler for the rules himself but I still understand his actions

    professional fighters are two two things: fighters first and professionals second...I know spectators like to delude themselves with the idea that fighters strive to conduct themselves with honor, integrity, strength, and everything else associated with traditional martial arts but this isn't how things are in real-world prizefighting

    these guys are competitors looking for any way to gain an advantage over an opponent...some guys follow the rules more than others...the bottom line is this is fighting; it's a cruel game where you work yourself to death for months and months with no guarantee of the ultimate payoff: a win over a guy who has been doing the same thing

    try grappling with someone who doesn't respect the rules...hell, try playing fucking monopoly with someone who doesn't follow rules...I'm pretty sure you will be pissed and your mind will instantly start searching for ways to exact retribution
  7. Scuba

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    he's dirty man shields had legit reason to be pissed
  8. Tsar

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