Pat Barry KO Discussion (merged threads)

title says it all..... love me some HD :p:p
he deserved it for saying he would stand then shooting in for takedowns non-stop, karma is a bitch lol
Headshot! Good thing he immediately stepped away because that female ref has not chance as pulling him off if he went for follow up.
This is why I love Barry.

Dude should still drop to 205 tho.
That was solid. A lot of people thought Shane was gonna run away with that fight. Great highlight reel finish for Barry.

I'm quickly becoming an HD fan. Win or lose, he puts on a show
I love Pat Barry!
His Knock out was BRUTAL!

Should win KOoTN easy!
Can't complain about this card! Dana probably put some led in the gloves to avoid the whine-train that follows decision fights.