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    I like to train in a variety of things and my goals are hmmm...i study JKD but am not interesting in fighting as a sport and am not really involved in any competitions or anything...i enjoy training...

    1)to develop myself as a suburban/urban commando
    2)to get down to 12% bodyfat , currently 25% at 268lbs. down from 33% at 283lbs...

    By the way feel free to comment, criticize, give feedback...i kind of go at my own pace and do some things that might seem unconventional...

    The term surburban/urban commando is not meant as a recreational reference but jsut a way to define a lifestyle of training using limited resources and that fits in with my lifestyle of working from home and being on the couch alot...

    ...i have always done compound lifts but recenetly have been adding these guerrill training type stuff...and it helped...

    I was coming home from a comedy club at 3am and was cutting thru Madison Park which is about the size of a large city block. Where i entered the gate was open but when i got to the other side it was's a large metal gate w/spikes coming out the top but i said fuck it...i through my bag over it and was able to climb over it no problem...i don't think i could have done it if i was still 33% bodyfat...

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