paragon jj in sb


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May 7, 2004
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anyone trained there? opinions? obviously with bill cooper and jeff glover there it can't be bad. however, as a beginner, im not looking to go somewhere where all the focus is on developing their comp team and the new guys get left behind.
I think it's considered quite a good school, but you may be right that it's heavily competition oriented. Lots of guys in many schools don't compete, and just want to learn BJJ, train, get in shape, enjoy the comraderie, learn self defense, etc., without the pressure of competing while working, having family etc. It's definitely worth checking out for yourself.
well, i do eventually want to compete, im not in this just to get in shape.
a better school will make you a better grappler simple as that ... yes you will get your ass kicked bad in the beginning but it will be worth it in the long run
I've met several blue belts at Paragon. All really nice and down to earth. They all seemed to be very skilled and tough on the mats.

I say go check it out for yourself. It seems like they're running a great BJJ program there.