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Panda_strike2 banned?

MC Paul Barman

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Mar 6, 2002
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He was a regular poster here on the Boxing forum.
How did he get banned?
i never met the guy. but it suck for him i love this place, ITS GREAT
He hasn't posted since july, not sure why he was banned
Reading through some of his last posts, none of them seemed incendiary - towards other posters, fighters.
I wondered about that too, seeing the banned tag on an old post he'd made.

He was one of the excellent ones in my mind.

Are things like this regarded as anyone's business ? Made "public" ?
Bring Panda Back!
Bring Panda Back!
Bring Panda Back!
Pring Banda Pack!
Well considering it took me 45 minutes to get to work when it should really only be 5 minutes because of protest I am in the mood to join in your crusade MC!

Bring Panda Back!
He was a regular poster here on the Boxing forum.
How did he get banned?

Pandastrike2 got banned as he had many prior bans where he trolled, flamed and was a general postwhore. I'm exhausted, not easy to dig that shit up 8 months later.
Thanks for looking into it, Boston.
To make it up - if you're ever in Milwaukee let me know. I'll buy you a drink from the irish pub right across from my work.
I noticed he'd been banned also. He was quite a knowledgable chap really, except once I remember him stating Winky Wright had never been dropped. I think it was Tam who verbally raped him accordingly for it.

R.I.P Panda_strike2