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pan am picks


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Jul 17, 2005
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so who do you guys have as you favorites to win their divisions. me i have jeff glover taking the black belt-leve, brandon mullen-pluma, ruben charles-pena, lucas leite-medio, andre galvao-meio pesado, rafael lovato jr-pesado while those are my picks and my hope to wins. so how does everyone else see the pan ams going?
i'd like to see otavio souza or victor estima take middleweight black! Otavio is ridiculously strong.
i wonder how bill cooper and kron(if he got his black belt) does...
*** Black Adult Masculino - Leve ***
Lucas Lepri (Alliance)

*** Black Adult Masculino - Medio ***
Victor Estima (Gracie Barra PE)

*** Black Adult Masculino - Meio-Pesado ***
Tarsis Humphreys (Alliance)

*** Black Adult Masculino - Pena ***
Rubens Charles (Alliance)

*** Black Adult Masculino - Pesadissimo ***

*** Black Adult Masculino - Pesado ***
Rafael Lovato Jr (Saulo Ribeiro)

*** Black Adult Masculino - Pluma ***

*** Black Adult Masculino - Super-Pesado ***
Ricardo Migliarese (Balance)

Although I hardly know any of the competitors, so pretty much just guessing
I'm guessing Kron gets his blackbelt at the end of the tournament.
Does anyone know if Robert Drysdale will be there? I know he lives in Vegas now.
He is concentrating on MMA - he might be there, but i dont think he is competing.
why did glover bump up weight? i wanted to see a fight with him vs cobrinha
BTW good luck to you all, i can't make it this year because of funeral plans
I'm guessing Kron gets his blackbelt at the end of the tournament.

I thought the rumor was he was going to get it after Mundials this year? That would give him a good bit of time before his first test at black (Pan Am's next year?) Anyone know any other rumors?
i also laughed.

i'm going with mark "panda" tse in the blue belt light heavies, alan gopez in the blue belt medium division, and heidi "the killer" sachs in the purple belt lightweight womens division. oh yeah and in the blue belt masters division i have to go with mark warren in the light heavies and keith trader in the featherweight category.