Pain in hip


Aug 31, 2005
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I don't know if this is the correct forum to post in for this, but I'll give it a shot. I've had this pain in my hip for a few weeks, now. It's nothing debilitating, but it's constantly there. I feel it when I stretch, like it's much tighter than the other (left) side and sore during stretching. My kicks are off lately. It's not a sharp pain usually, but if I move it quickly, i.e. kicks and such, there is a flare of pain. It doesn't seem to be effecting my lower-body lifting at all. Any thoughts?
It's not uncommon at all, that's where a lot of the major leg/back muscles attach. Give it some time to heal.
farmboy said:
So should I take time off of training?

Depends on how much pain you are in. I usually just cut back and use a lot ice, but if it's bad I'll take a day off.
Ah. Well, like I said, it's nothing I can't work through. I'll try the ice.. It's just a little pain. Just a little frustrating more than anything.
Be careful, I had a pain like that and it is a bit debilitating now. I am seeing an orthopedist for it now. They are going to give some cortisone shots and hope that dulls the pain. My started off bareable too. Take good care of it and give it a rest if need be. If it starts to get any worse see a doctor ASAP
I have had hip pain a few times int he past year. Sometime right in the front int he hip flexors and they were really tight as well. Other times it was deep in the joint. Another time more in my butt area. Sometimes it was from over working hip movements in judo, sometimes from from how I was sitting or kneeling for long period of time, and other times bad bruising from impacts (falling with someone directly on my hips with q good amount of force). It all eventually healed though. THe mnuscles and minor bruises healed in 2-5 days I would say and the deep hip joint bruising took about 3 weeks to feel better (and it hurt a lot and I had dificulty walking). My advice, lay off on what you did to agravate it and if your pain doesn't clear up in a week or two you should see a doc or an orthopedic specialist (the doc will probably refer you).
I guess I also have a question that could be put into this thread. When I have been rolling or working on takedowns I get a burning feeling, and a pain in my hip. Once it happnes once, it will continue to happen for the next 5-10 minutes whenever I am rolling. it also used to happen to me occasionally in High school when i did squats, and it only happened when i did heavy weight. It is just a very strong burning feeling and I have no idea what it is. has anybody else heard of this?
My pain I think is a result of over-working kicks.. I'm not sure, though. It would make sense, because the pain is on the right side, and that tends to be the side I worl more intensely.
I had the same pain, went to a doctor and was told I had a stress fracture in the left side of my hip where the hip flexor muscle would be. That was two years ago when I was just begining my rise from laziness. I still feel it when I train now, I'm strengthening it so it should go away sooner and sooner.
Yeah, I only started feeling it several monthes ago. I didn't feel it for the first year and a half of training, but then all of a sudden it came on. A little unnerving and a bit frustrating, too.