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Pain in chest?


Brand Nizzle

I was at the track before planning on jogging a few miles and after my 2nd lap I started getting a kinda blunt/sharp stabbing throbbing pain in my chest. It was like exactly in the center of my chest...I stopped for a while then started to run a few more laps again, and the pain just got worse, and I also started feeling it at a second spot like 5 inches down in the center of my solarplexes. It fucking hurt. I'm only 16, wtf I am too young to be worrying about heart attacks or any of that stuff.

anyone have any idea what it could be?
I've had this before while I was running and it went away on it's own. I was told that it was my lungs or something cramping up, but it was a jr. trainer, and not sure he knew what he was talking about.
could be air in your heart. i used to get it so i went to the Dr and he said trapped air in the heart or something like that. As for the stomach one, stitch?
Trapped air in your heart? What did he say about that? did he say it was dangerous?
Brand Nizzle said:
Trapped air in your heart? What did he say about that? did he say it was dangerous?

Nope. It isn't a major thing. When i get it i just suck my chest in and work through the pain. just means the blood has a bit too much oxygen in it or something but i have had this diagnosed. I would still see a doctor if i were you for peace of mind if anything.
BE SAFE...go to the doc and get it checked out. NO ONE is ever too young to have heart problems. My gosh....don't you ever read about high school kids dropping over. It's probably nothing at all, but you should still get checked out just to be safe.
air in the heart? hmmm.... im no doctor but from everything that i've heard air in the heart=death, say you were to inject a syringe full of air into a vein, you will die.
I'm betting your parents have insurance for you since you seem to have a computer. Use it, go to the doc and get cleared out. 16 yr olds don't have heart attacks, but they do have heart murmurs and such.
you could have plaque build up in your arteries, better check it out soon.
Thanks. I tell my parents and they don't take me seriously. They are just like "It's growing pains" or "It's all those damn powders you take" or my favorite

"It's because you lift to many weights, stop lifting weights"

Usually sharp pains are not to worry about. Everyone gets them. The usual worry is when you have a sortness of breath, or you feel like something heavy is sitting on your chest, or even your arms or shoulders feel numb or uncomfortable. Sometimes lying on your right side helps.

But if you feel like this is something more then this, and you have insurance then you might as well get it checked out just to be on the safe side.