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Padded MMA Gloves


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Oct 29, 2005
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I'm looking to get some really well padded MMA gloves. I ordered the Hawks fighting gloves, and although they're alot more padded than the UFC gloves, it's only about an ounze extra, so there's no way to strike full contact.
I've also got 16oz boxing gloves, but of course grappling with these is a joke... and blocking is way too easy and makes you sloppy if you continue using.

So, anyone know where to get some MMA practice gloves with the protection of a 16oz boxing glove, but with the open handed mobility of a traditional mma glove? I want to be able to hit my opponent hard, but not break his face (or have him break mine).

Any advice would be great, especially if I can order them in the USA to cut on shipping (seattle, wa here)

shooto gloves or primetime level 5 grappling gloves are the best.
Can't say I've been impressed by the Shooto gloves I've seen (but I've only seen one pair)
Prime time level 5? Do you have a link? Is there a particular pair you like?

Well, I found the site and some level 4 gloves.. look to be about the same as mine in padding. Maybe level 5 is a new product not listed?

Thanks for the help.
All grappling gloves will have a smaller striking surface so the impact will always be greater no matter how much padding you have!
the rogue fightgear sparmasters have a fiar amount of padding and are designed specifically for sparring without ripping your training partner's face up. They are a tad bulky and its difficult to sink chokes, but overall I like my pair.
You're not going to do any better than the HAWKS gloves. They're the best gloves I've used and I've tryed just about everything aside from the Rogue gloves.

Do what we do. Wear normal head gear standing and then on the ground wear nothing. It's the best you can do. you're not going to find any glove that is safe.

the fairtex NHB sparring gloves are great. the padding is also thicker and softer than the SSF shootos.