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Pacman vs JMM


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Apr 25, 2007
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is anybody else super amped for this fight?! paquiao is going to drop the last mexican with a shot of beating him. it is going to be SICK!!



:icon_twis the destroyer by KO rd 8
Can't wait for this, that first round in the first fight was great.
Yup Im laso predicting an 8 round stoppage via Pac although I feel that Jmm will put up a very good fight in the 1st half of the fight. We all know JMM really wants to win and started high altitude training since Dec. Thats how JMM is pumped up abt the fight. Manny also trained his ass for this. Something he hasnt done in awhile. 2 full months of freddie and his group trying to tell him to take it easy since theyve never seen Manny this focused. My thoughts are in the 1st fight yes JMM showed heart by coming back after 3 knockdowns wc is a great feat but you have to take into consideration that Manny had a big blister in his foot and hurt his arm in the 1st round. Still JMM didnt even come close to hurting Pacman. Its obvious Manny can take his punches the problem is can JMM take Pacs hard and relentless power. We shall see this Sat. May the best man win!!
I am kinda trippin about this fight.
Manny came really close to losing in the last one, and while he has improved, you have to know JMM isnt gonna back down.
Hoping for a Pacman KO, but definately sweating JMM.
damn he's lookin good right now, this is him in vegas very recently







Been waiting many moons for this.......

Marquez will be the Mongoose to the Cobra that is Pacquiao.

Either way one of these fighters will get their head beaten in beyond recognition, I think JMM will look like he's had his face smashed in with a boulder when this fightes threw.
Anyone know the undercard?

Me buying an HBO PPV usually depends on whether or not there is a good undercard.
Anyone know the undercard?

Me buying an HBO PPV usually depends on whether or not there is a good undercard.

Earlier today we received word on the full undercard for the March 15 card in Las Vegas headlined by Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez in a rematch from their 2004 draw.

World Boxing Organization (WBO) featherweight champion Steven Luevano (34-1, 15 KOs), from La Puente, CA., will be making the second defense of his championship since winning it last July by knocking out the previously undefeated Nicky Cook, (27-0, 15 KOs), in the 11th round of their fight in London. Luevano successfully defended his title in October, winning a dominant unanimous decision over Antonio Davis (24-2, 12 KOs). On March 15, he will be making a mandatory title defense against No. 1 contender Terdsak Jandaeng (29-2, 19 KOs) from Thailand. Jandaeng enters the fight having won 11 of his last 12 bouts, with over half of those victories coming by way of knockout.

North America Boxing Organization (NABO) bantamweight champion Abner Mares (15-0, 9 KOs), will be risking his undefeated record and No. 3 world rating when he defends his title against top 10 contender and former world title challenger Diosado Gabi (30-3-1, 22 KOs) from The Philippines. Mares, a member of the 2004 Mexican Olympic Team, will be making the second defense of his title since winning it last year by defeating former world champion Isidro Garcia, who retired on his stool after the seventh round. Gabi is riding a two-year, four-bout winning streak with only one bout lasting the distance.

World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight champion David Diaz (33-1-1, 17 KOs), of Chicago, is enjoying a three-year, eight-bout unbeaten streak. He returns to the ring for a 10-round non-title bout fresh off of his first successful title defense, a hard-fought unanimous decision against legendary three-division world champion Erik Morales. Diaz will be taking on Ramon Montano (15-4-2, 1 KO) from Ciudad Obregon, Mexico who is unbeaten in 11 of his last 12 bouts, including a split decision victory over highly-touted contender Americo Santos (25-1-1, 21 KOs), and a draw against undefeated Dmitriy Salita (24-0, 14 KOs).

Wait for the replay.
i think its gonna be a very very good and close fight but i think juan manuel will take it yb decision....
Pacman by decision. i think Marquez will put up a great fight, but Pacquiao is going to win this fight before moving up to 135 to fight David Diaz.
he's going to be too fast, too strong for JMM







All big fights usually have fairly weak undercards. The megastars have to be paid and putting on a decent undercard cost money. Most of the money usually go to the main event fighters. Whatcha goin' to do?

Pacquiao looks shredded. Da guy is always in shape.