Overeem stands a better chance to win(not saying he will)


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Feb 13, 2012
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Why? because he might be able to keep cain at bay a little better with legs kicks, cain will need to avoid the clinch and go straight for a proper takedown or dont try at all because those knees can kill people, Overeem might be able to muscle cain early before he gets tired the same way brock did before he got tired(albeit only for a minute or two).
If Overeem can get some knees in early cain might not be soo eager to shoot, and jon olav einemo reckons overeems really good on the ground, not to mention overeem might be able to catch the guilloteine and once its in he can defintelly submit cain, standing up overeem will probably come forward as thats his natural style whereas jds backs up, overeem can do better in this fight but his only chance is the first 2 rounds. imo first round is pretty much the whole fight, if overeem catches cain with some knees in the clinch, or a guiloteine or he seriously hurts him with punches of deadly leg kicks he wins. If cain gets him down and transitions etc on him cain dominates but I got a feeling overeem might be able to stop the transitions his JJ games is seriously underrated he sopped SHogun from transitions, he won the adcc euro trials 10+years ago, he subbed top black belts before and he has 19submision victories. I think he has atleast 60% in the first round, 40% in the second, 0% from then on but Cain defintelly cant come forward like that against overeem its not just hooks its leg kicks, theres straight punches(chuck fight) theres knees, theres a full arsenal
Overeem has inferior punch resistance and cardio to Junior, so that must be remembered.
TKO round 2 for Cain. Cain will be all over the reem like white on rice.
Overeem has inferior punch resistance and cardio to Junior, so that must be remembered.

but he will make the action happen, he will come forward on cain early so they will collide similar to lesnar fight, ther will be fireworks not a long fight like this one overeem has never gone the distance in his career win or lose
Overeem has inferior punch resistance and cardio to Junior, so that must be remembered.

So a K-1 Champion has inferior punch resistance to Junior.... I have to disagree with you here.
I think Overeem can put some hands on Cain. Cain didn't take much punishment at all tonight outside of a couple of shots from Junior that didn't have a whole lot on them. If Overeem can connect, I think he can hurt and/or finish Cain, but that of course would require him to keep the fight standing, which is easier said than done.

That said, Overeem-Velasquez is the next big fight at HW.