Overeem laughs at Junior Cigano (twitter)


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Oct 23, 2010
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Overeem tweeted:
JDS looks really pretty lol


It's all well and good, but JDS was a much better stylistic match up for Overeem and that fight would have been hard too.

Cain's going to manhandle Overeem.
Overeem has lost many more times than JDS, and he's been knocked out more times than JDS has lost too

Maybe JDS should take steroids and beat up a bunch of past their prime fighters in Japan so he can be cool like Alistair
He wont be laughing when cain does the same to him
Thats if he makes it past the juice test
AO would not last 25 minutes at the pace Cain sets. I really don't think any HW can keep up with Cain.
As much as I enjoyed watching Cain destroy JDS

It cracks me up Overeem of all people are making jokes lol
Cain Velasquez is really good, he is mentally very strong and has a natural fighting ability.