Ouano 99 vs Gameness Platinum Gi

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by spiderfly_guard, May 24, 2008.

  1. I know both are light weight Gis..Im in the market for a 2nd lightweight and warm weather gi. I've had both brands in the past. I had 2 Ouano Single weaves.. and also a Gameness Pearl gi. Loved both Gis.

    My questions are to those that have both:

    What are the materials of the collars of both Gis?

    Which felt lighter in weight and was more comfortable in hot weather?

    I really like both Gis..just having a hard time deciding. I hope someone can shed some light so I can decide better :)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. MonkeyNuts! Rear Naked Poker

    Oct 17, 2007
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    I haven't worn the Ouano 99, but it's the gi that the school I go to sells, so lots of guys wear it.

    My impression of it is that the Ouano is lighter, and the collar is alot thinner. As for the materials in the collar, I have no idea, you could try emailing the respective companies.

    My platinum is pretty damn comfortable. But I've had to make minor repairs to it and I've only had it a month. I haven't heard any complaints about the Ouanos from people in my school.

    If you're gonna go with the platinum, budovids or groundandpound.com have the best prices.
  3. Newcastle Brown Belt

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    I don't understand why anyone would ever say a Gameness Platinum is a lightweight gi. The fuckin kimono will stand up on it's own it is so heavy and the collar is super thick. There is no comparison. The Ouano is much lighter and the collar is nowhere near as thick. I also own a Koral and it doesn't touch the collar of my Gameness.

    If you want a lightweight gi, go w/the Ouano. That being said, I think the Koral is just as light as the Ouano.
  4. mackz Guest

    If you want lightweight Kimono, then I wouldn't buy the Gameness Platinum. Gameness Pearl on the other hand is a lightweight gi. I would go for the latter.

    As for Ouano 99 i have no idea, but I assume it is quite thin.
  5. j-monson White Belt

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    owatonna, mn
    my gamesness plat. does have a very stiff lapel. and it's not that light waight. but i love it anyway.
  6. Thanks guys... Looks like I'll go with the Ouano.

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