OTM midevil kimono....is it good?


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Jul 26, 2006
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theres a pic of someone wearing it, its deffinetely looking very cool...I also noticed some good guys wearing it(like sim go)..

but its very expensive considering its not a name brand, but my bday is coming up and maybe ill treat myself...

does anyone have any feedback on it? how is it compared to korals/gameness/atama...and i know it says its preshrunk but will it shrink if washed in hot? thanks
thats a sick medal...i cant wait to go to the big tournys next year..
your money would be better spent on a vulkan or fuji and use the extra $69 to buy me a present.
i dont see the difference maybe im blind,, one the guys at my gym has one in blue,, looks nice,, feels a bit thick around the collar, i believe its a single weave..
matty, what kind of present do you want? and btw, what you getting me on my birthday....its this saturday..

can you buy me the master gameplan by lloyd irvin? i know hes your favorite!

I experienced OTM midevil gi is very expansive but look like fantastic. Good idea!

I found a gi in a BJJ tournament called Barbarian Gi, which is less expansive but the most fascinating thing i found is, the quality of gi superb and identical to Vulkan, Koral gis. The bad thing is, I never found again this branded gi anymore on internet. Don’t know where to buy. If someone know, please let me know. Thanks.
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