open mouth, bad breathing


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May 30, 2005
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My nose is closed very often and even with an open nose I tend to breath too much trough my mouth, this ends up with a lot of pain in my jaw when i get hit during sparring; anyone got the same problem, good advice? I was thinking about buying such a mouthpiece with a hole in it to breath, does anyone recommend it?

thanks guys
I do the same thing a lot. But its cause I have crap for cardio. But I use a double mouthpiece. So that when my mouth is closed around the mouth piece I can still breathe throught the airflow gap in the middle and it doesn't hurt as much a having a single piece and breathing through my mouth and getting clocked.
my cardio could be better too
thanks man, I think I'm going to get myself such a divice:p
I don't know if this is the same case as you, but I have the same problem breathing through my nose. Even wen I am just sitting around, when I saw a doctor about it he said that the air passage ways through my nose a slightly closed possibly from too many punches to the nose. I have to go for a quick day surgery to get them pushed back open. It will happen next month so hoefully it helps out. But for now I bought myself a double mouth guard with a breathing passage way in it, it did help.