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Open guard sweeps-Recommendations for a white belt


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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi guys,

As title says really, I have short legs and quite often have my guard broken. I dont really have any decent open guard sweeps, we have been taught one or two in the past but for some reason I find them so hard to remember. The combination of arms,grabs and legs seems to baffle me:redface:

Any good starts/basics would be a great help, I've been doing bjj for around 8 months, many thanks

Look at the scissor sweep. That was my first sweep and still is my favorite. Open your guard, put one leg's shin bone running across there hip bone, take the other leg and drop it down near there feet, control the arm and head, pull them towards you and sweep.

Here is an ok video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4loRwWSNBzU But I find I have more success with the leg on my opponents hip-bone, pulling them in towards you and then sweeping.
Just a follow-up, head and arm control is really important when sweeping, luckily for the scissor, hip-bump, elevator sweeps, it's all the same type of control. I'd work on those three sweeps until you have a basic proficiency and then work on getting the fine-details.

85% of my sweep game is combining the elevator, and the scissor. There are other sweeps you can transition too if they fail, but once you get good enough with them you won't won't worry so much about them failing.
I guess im referring more to when my opponent has actually stood up and is attempting to pass my guard?

Im often swept by higher belts when I do this so im attempting to learn a few in this aspect of the game as of this moment I have none.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped so far:D
Double sleeve control and both feet in the hips. Get this position and start to play with it.

Couple of details on just the control(not getting into sweeps just yet)
Pull with the arms and keep them tight/stretched out.

Push with the feet in the hips so their hips are away from you.

You do these 2 things and they will be bent over/hunched over at the waist and bad posture. This keeps them from getting the hips inside for good posture to pass/leg drag. For any good open guard you need to have dynamic movement where you can push them away when they come forward (feet in hips) and pull them in when they back away(sleeve control).

I'll get into sweeps when I get to work and not on my phone at the house.
Look up the Idiot Sweep (KISS) and the sickle sweep. The sickle sweep is great. Alternatively you can also transfer to X-Guard, or learn to butt-scoot with butterfly guard.

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