One of those "I Got A Story To Tell" Threads


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Sep 7, 2004
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Okay guys, this made me laugh. I just had to tell someone.

I have a guy that works with me, he does TKD and watches Tekken to get his moves. Now a little backstory is needed to tell the current story.

The Backstory: I sparred his brother, him and a good friend of mine all three of which work at the same place I do. I beat them all with heel hooks, and one with a triangle after a second go around. I didn't want to spar but they were sort of coaxing me so I did. They knew I did BJJ but didn't know anything about it until I took them down and worked them. They sat around trying to figure out how to beat my BJJ. LOL.

OK now the current story. THe guy I work with is doing TKD which has some Hapkido guy teaching grappling. I have avoided a confrontation (sparring, we talk daily) with him out of fear that he might try and take things to far and I might have to hurt him seriously. He continues to come in and claim that he has found a way to beat the heel hook I beat him with or the triangle I caught him with.

HE told me today that he had found a technique that would nullify ALL of my BJJ techniques. Now I've heard some dumb shit in my time but he said that if I had mount, all he would have to do is reach up and snap my neck! I tried to reason with him and tell him that I cvan hold a mount and punch him, elbow him while keeping my head out of reach (as if I would have to) and that if he put his arm out there I would armbar him. HE didn't listen so I finally sucked it up and told him I'd stop by his house after work.

We sparred with gloves this time as opposed to last time and I schooled him in stand up. Low kick after low kick then I would switch to high kicks all the while keeping him from coming in with my left jab. I finally take him down with a double leg but as I'm going to side mount he rolls me and I recover guard. I swept him with the kimura sweep and was mounted.

While on mount I taunted him, wanting him to try and snap my neck with that "technique to end all BJJ techniques". As soon as he stuck his arm out, (I didn't really think he would try and do something like that but I was glad he did) I went for the armbar. I got it, hyperextended it and he said stop instead of tapping. This sort of makes me sound like an asshole but remember that Carmine (the guy in question) has been on my case about testing his newly aquired skills against mine.

Long post, but I needed to tell my story.
another one of those "i am better skilled than this asshat, pat me on the back cuz i kicked his ass" threads...

nothing new...
i stopped reading after this "I have a guy that works with me, he does TKD and watches Tekken to get his moves."
your an ass bag dude.

hayliks is back on sherdog???????????
Why not try to teach them techniques instead of hurting them?
It's good to see Hayliks post again!

To the original poster... what do you want us to say? "Yeah! BJJ rulez! U kicked that nOObs ass!!!"

I feel guilty as hell if I hyperextend anyone's arm. You should chill.
SideofKO said:
While on mount I taunted him

As soon as he stuck his arm out I got it, hyperextended it
You hurt this guy? I don't see why. It kind of sounds like picking on a kid that doesn't know how to fight. Seriously, one of the cool things about BJJ is that you can train, fight, and make your point without hurting the other guy.
defending your art is cool and all but no need to go overboard on the sub. i'd hope your instructor would educate you on how serious these moves can be. if bob sapp's huge muscular ass taps to an armbar you know the sub is a potentially dangerous move.
no need to hurt the guy... go from sub to sub transitioning smoothly and sweeping him, controlling him. BJJ is beautiful... and that is how it should be shown to other people. You want them to like it so he will train also... not scared of it so he shuns it for the rest of his life.
Nice , Sometimes it takes a little pain for people to learn a lesson .
Yea, everyone has the answer to grappling until you have them on the ground, and they can't do shit. Don't know about hyperextending his arm though, that's a little uncool.
jjmuaythaiguy said:
It does? Which guy?

The biggest dude in the game is a Valetudo fighter. He has an awesome stand-up arsenal but he can also do armbars, neck cranks, heel hooks, kneebars, headbutts, and Saks Mongolian chop from teh mount position. Thers also a Dos Caras wrestler clone who does similar submissions and a Judo biker guy who can do GnP, armbars and a RNC. Theres a chick who does Japanese jujitsu that deos subs too but I dont play as her.
We've all had to do this before. Lol at his method of nullifying BJJ though.

Anyway, go ahead and offer to teach him.
SideOfKO, you need to be careful. if he had actually snapped your neck you wouldn't have been able to post your thread
DirectDrive said:
SideOfKO, you need to be careful. if he had actually snapped your neck you wouldn't have been able to post your thread

I'm sorely disappointed witht he quality of the story. I thought it was actually gonna be a good one like the Tommy "3rd hook" story.