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One of the most impressive (and humiliating) displays in BJJ I've seen...


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Mar 9, 2007
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I take it andre likes to surf?...and what was with that first sweep did the guy just slip and fall over or is it just that easy for andre
yes we know. Here is andre getting pissed about the knee reaping

that double knee on the back is insane. nice vid btw
He get a 10 for style. I mean he tooled that guy like nobody deserves to be tooled.
Andre needs to head up the AND1 BJJ Mixtape Tour.
Looks like a prick with an ego to me.

There's no reason for shit like that. Win and get off the mat, showboating is shit.
Looks like a prick with an ego to me.

There's no reason for shit like that. Win and get off the mat, showboating is shit.

Yea but the other guy was doing knee reaps to Andre, which is dirty, and pissed Andre off. So the guy got tooled as a result. Adre doesn't do that to respectful competitors, so I believe his story about the kinee reaps.
He deserved it, he could have damaged Galvao's knee badly.
That shit is heavy 10/10 for style and still getting an easy finish. Thats humbling.
What's a knee reap and why is it bad? I haven't encountered it yet.
newbreedchicago explains knee reaps


"Basically, it's applying heel hook pressure (which is illegal in the gi) without actually using your hands to heel hook someone.

Around the 1 minute mark, you can briefly see his opponent wrapping his outside leg under Galvao's leg and then bringing it around and over Galvao's leg. If Galvao's opponent's foot were to stay on Galvao's hip, he could maintain control without applying pressure on the knee. However, if Galvao's opponent were to remove his foot from the hip and take his leg (shin/calf) and bring it lower towards Galvao's knee, that could put a tremendous amount of pressure on the MCL, ACL, and meniscus; thereby breaking it without actually even doing a heel hook.

This would be even worse if Galvao were to actually try to base against it, and would obviously be bad as well Galvao went with it.

In otherwords, it's a heel hook, and recognized as such. Galvao was implying that it was a knee reap, and may have been (You can't tell from the footage). But either way, it something that's been called in many IBJJF tourneys.

The 50/50 isn't considered a knee reap only because the inside/out pressure applied on knee isn't as bad because the knee is given a chance and space to "buckle" without injurying it (in other words, there's more give). The opposite side, however, there isn't much give at all.

Hope this helps."
i like showboating but only a small number of people i can tolerate with it examples would be roy jones jr, muhammed ali, terrel owens.

i mean things would be boring if there were 0 showboaters.
well there are already 2 other threads about this but yes i agree galvao is a complete badass