ONE Championship, Dynasty of Champions Shanghai Episode 1

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    ONE Championship Dynasty of Champions Shanghai Episode 1.
    Igor Svirid defends his MW title against undefeated Russian Contender Vitaly Bigdash; and Roger Huerta returns to face off against perennial contender Koji "The Commander" Ando.

    This is prepping to be a wicked card!
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    I like Yang's hair. I hope they do a short spot on him in at least one of the episodes.


    He pulls off that blonde bowl-cut. He's also got pretty solid wrasslin' for a Chinaman. Maybe he's got a lot of experience with Shuai Jiao.


    He may get lucky and one of the finalists in the tournament'll pull out, and he'll get a second shot at winning a ONE tournament. Then they could have an end-of-year rematch between him and Ze Wu. The guy he's fighting's a good bit older than him, though, so he may have a lot more experience and skills than his debuting-record would indicate.

    Also, an interesting fact about Eagle Svard: he was offered a big spot at Alash Pride-- Kazakhstan's biggest- and most successful shootfighting gym-- but he declined it instead because he wanted to start his own team and do things his own way. 'Worked out pretty well for him so far.

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