Once turned down sex to watch an ufc card ? Anyone else ditch someone to see a card

Discussion in 'The Wasteland' started by Isthat-yo bop, Jan 13, 2019 at 3:57 AM.

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    Just like the title says turned down some pussy to see ufc 187. Back story: 19 year old me turned down a chance to bang out a thick ass girl . She was either bElzian or Jamaican but she had an accent . Long story short her prom aligned the same Saturday as the card . She had her own hotel room( privelaged girl) and i was supposed to bang her out . Idk why this girl wanted to fuck me so bad probably cus I wasn’t in high school ( yes I know it sounds gay , but I guess I didn’t care cus I felt like Idk cooler then her ). I had the kill order it was gone be no feeling out process . We discussed that sex was going to occur ( but she was a Virgin ) . She even said she would order the fight ,but I had to ditch her . It may sound weird but I have to watch fights alone , and she loved to talk I would have proably snapped hearing that accent during the fights . Anyone have stories of running out on someone to watch a card ?
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    the Netherlands
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    Yep, I've ditched sexual opportunities in order to watch fights before. But, then, I've also missed fights in order to take advantage of sexual opportunities as well. It all depends on the situation & the individual involved.
    I mean, when the chick is particularly hot then it's amazing how much more willing I've been to miss fights when that's the case. LOL.

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