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ON Pro Complex Rocky Road flavour


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Jan 23, 2004
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Given the fact that Pro Complex is a kickass protein powder, the question is purely about the Rocky road flavour. So, has anyone ever tried it??? What did you think of it?
I thought about rocky road on a few supplements I've ordered but never took the risk... ended up with plain ol chocolate. Would like to hear some feedback on the other flavors aswell
Rocky road is supposed to be much like chocolate but with a richer flavor. I've seen split opinions on it so I thought I'd ask here.
Now, if it's pro-complex you're talking about, vanilla is great= you can mix other flavors in as well as a shake and the strawberry is err, okay.
Well I didn't get ON pro complex but I got cytogainer rocky road and its not as good as the regular chocolate
Pro Complex Rocky Road is the shit. I love it.