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Jun 4, 2002
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Wondermut just gave me an early Christmas present, and gave me a site that will fulfill my every fantasy without a woman. Which realistic vagina molded from top porn stars should I buy?

Devinn Lane's Vibrating Double Pleasure - $125.00

Exquisitely sculpted to reveal every delicate detail of Devinn's magnificent pussy and anus. Supple Futurotic material with powerful vibrating stimulation and an erotic clit ring. Includes removable multi-speed Wicked Power Pak and talc. 2 AA batteries.

Cassidey Cherry Pussy and Anus - $133.00

Description: This vagina has the cherry intact and is made from a new compound that is soft yet firm and is much closer to the feel of skin than the older rubber vaginas. The material expands to give every man a perfect fit. Vagina has a little fine blond pubic hair. It is 9.5 inches from side to side. 9 inches from front to back and 3 inches high. The positioning of the vagina and anus are two separate passages at an angle to where you're inserting into it sideways as opposed to from the top to the bottom. Removable vibrating bullet for added stimulation.

Cyberskin Chasey Lain Vagina - $115.00

Description: This item is made from Cyberskin a unique new material that is firm with a super soft real skin feeling. Comes with a powerful removable vibrating bullet. The piece is open ended so that it can accept any length penis and is easy to clean. (When it sits flat, the vagina is 4 inches wide and 6.5 inches long) Comes with 1oz lubricant.

Kira Ultra Realistic Vagina and Anus - $133.00

Description: Multi-speed vibration vagina and anus molded from Vivid pornstar Kira from New supersoft Ultra Realistic material. Product measures 9 inches side to side 8 inches front to back and 3 inches from top to bottom. 2 AA batteries

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Get Cassideys. She's fucking insanely hot. I love that girl. I want to steal her and throw her in my trunk forever. Plus her's comes with the cherry and dumper.
Being a newbie in the pocket pussy market, I think that i would be inclined to go with the Cassidey Cherry Pussy and Anus. two holes have to be better than one!

Personally, I have never needed the use of a rubber vagina or any other rubber device, but I believe you would get more bang for your buck with this option!
hahaha... that Cassidey Cherry Pussy and Anus - $133.00 sounds like a keeper :D
But i posted this site acouple weeks back... look at them hotties lol.... they will blow your fucking mind! And then will never cheat on ya. (but they are the high class expensive bitchs)
Kira Kener because she'll let you do a creampie.

In the words of Dr. Suess , "Oh, the places you'll go!"
" Includes removable multi-speed Wicked Power Pak and talc. 2 AA batteries. " That ansers it right there. Get the Devinn Lane's Vibrating Double Pleasure
I'll take the one with the anus.

The investment may seem expensive but trust me when I tell you the Girlfriends are the biggest money pitts on the planet.

The rubber Vibrating Anus and vagina will give you the most bang for the buck
Whoa I found a girl for me. She is a looker.

Sexy. Sexy Sexy. Her name is Stephine

Shooto While I was there I picked one out for you. SHould be your type.
Immaculate Mother of Jesus Hisperias Christ!!! Do you know what I would have given for that Fuck Me Stephanie doll as a drooling young punk of 12? I would have made that kid from "Where the Red Fern Grows" look like a lazy prick trying to save up for his bloodhounds. I'd plow fields in the dark and moonlight as a scarecrow to get my sleep.
Cassidey Cherry Pussy and Anus
Cyberskin Chasey Lain Vagina
MMA, What happened to that chick who asked for your number?

Don't sink to such a low level! lol, Fuckin a piece of plastic is pathetic. Imagine how stupid you feel after you've finished playing with it