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Olympic wrestling training hard to find?



I would like to train in olympic wrestling and learn that discipline. Unfortunatly, it doesn't seem very popular and there don't seem to be many trainers. I want to learn take-downs and take-down defense. What are my options?
Not much here in Aus, but I thought the US would be full of them
Maybe not Olympic, but Folkstyle's pretty damn similar isn't it?
The gym I was gonna check out has closed down, and that was the only one I could find closish. I wish we had it as a HS sport
your best bet is to see what wrestlers have wrestled in the olympics that might be close to you and then contact them
If you've never wrestled before, you're going to have a hard time "assisting" at a High School or college program. I say assisting because, most guys who hang out at an occasional practice are there to assist in some way shape or form (conditioning, takedowns, etc...). Most programs won't have the patients for you. Your best bet is to find a freestyle club. The freestyle season starts after the HS season and it's open to all ages. I coached freestyle for a year up in NorCal and we had 5 year olds, 45 year olds and everything in between. The tournys are open to all ages too. I don't know where you live, but I'd ask around and search the internet for a freestyle club near you. If that isn't an option in your area and you don't know any wrestlers that will train you, then I'm all out of ideas.

BTW, freestyle rules are similar to folkstyle, but the scoring makes for a faster match. good luck
i think spoonman7 said a good thing by finding an olympian near you. my hs coach is friends with a guy who made the Canadian olympic team but it was the year that they boycoted the olympics so he never was in the olympics, how ever hes still that calibure and having him as an assistant coach is kick ass ive learned so much new stuff in the two days we have been back at school.
Look for a freestyle program around your area. like here in Washington USA Everett is one of the best around for Freestyle and greco wrestling. Just start searching for wrestling clubs in the area.
Are you meaning "Olympic" style, i.e. freestyle and Greco-Roman, or actual Olympic-level training? If it's the former you should be able to find a local freestyle club, although most don't start up until February. They are usually held at high schools.