Olympic Trials on MSNBC @ 11AM Central

I still don't understand how an 18 year old makes the olympic greco team....
Thank you. I turned it on earlier and it was diving so I turned it off. I was hoping to catch some of the best in the world on the mat and you helped me out.
I'm pumped for the Askren match - he's a nut and a bit of an asshole, but man can he wrestle.
anyone else think that Hawaiian freestyle girl was kind of hot?
That Roussey girl was slick on the ground, twice she went from having the back to an armbar I was very impressed with her performance.
What the hell was that graphic about Olympic wrestling medals? Why wasn't Sanderson, Gable and a bunch of others included?
I wish Mocco was allowed to do the trials for judo and wrestling - I think he could make both teams.