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Apr 17, 2005
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Stupid question, I'm sure:

I just got back into BJJ after a 7 year lay-off and I keep hearing of this event/organization so obviously, it's important. It was probably around when I used to train, but I've never heard of it until now. I searched here and found little to answer my questions.

Is ADCC the same as Abu Dhabi (Joe Rogan talks about it in UFC's)? Is it an event, org, or both? Is it American, Brazilian, or Middle Eastern, as the name implies? I also know that some world-class grapplers compete in it, and there are videos available. Where can I find these?

Any links would be helpful. Thanks.
The most elite no gi sub grappling tournament BY FAR on the planet. In MMA you have competing organizations in Pride and UFC as far as large/elite events. In the world right now, you only have ADCC World Championships as the top dog. In BJJ you also have various different prestigious events. Not just one.
Where can I get videos?

Are the events held IN Abu Dhabi?
possenti said:
Where can I get videos?

Are the events held IN Abu Dhabi?

you can them in lots of places. i know budovideos.com sells them. im not sure where you can buy the most recent ones (2005) I got them from........... places


they used to be held in the middle east, but more recently brazil, and now the united states because of the situation in the middle east, its not a very friendly place to travel to.