Ok now Le vs Lombard


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Jan 19, 2012
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that needs to happen at MW

Sounds like a fun fight. Where do I vote?
That's a good idea. I like it! Or maybe against bisping if bisping beats vitor.
Neat matchup. I'd rather see him fight Bisping but I could absolutely live with it.
Lombard would explode him. Le's biggest weakness is getting hit really REALLY hard.

And I say this as a Le fan.
Love this fight. Winner of that would be ready for a top 5 opponent.
This fight would be a stand up war. It should be made.
haha I admit: I lost $780 on Rich Franklin cause of Le's old man knock out. But if you put the Lombard we saw today up against Le...

Retirement...to a retirement home.
sounds good
make it happen Dana!
That'd be dangerous for Lombard for a couple of reasons.

Did you see the leg kicks Palhares was landing? Lombard looked like he wanted to topple.
If Le keeps his distance he outstikes lombard

I just think Lombard might be twice as thick as Le. He looked huge against Palhares and Palhares generally looks pretty big. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon yet but that was a scary performance
that needs to happen at MW


I don't know. I'd be surprised if Le takes that fight. He should go out on top with his lat win. He is in for an awful beating from this point on in his UFC journey.