Official UFC 38 What Happened Thread


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Dec 18, 2001
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Fuck me does my head hurt............

Had a great day yesterday,once again proving that with age,
comes experience;) :p.met up with Don-e-gal;) ,naked choke,
ollin and nikko(briefly).Had a few drinks,took some pictures with the fighters at there hotel.

Met up with sauron and his brother before the ufc started(which by the way was fucking great!!),and then saw them briefly after,it's a shame they couldn't come out on the piss,because they were great guys and they would of had a real good laugh.

A long and expensive taxi trip later,Donegal,ollin,naked my 2 mates and myself,ended up in piccadilly circus.

Went to the club where the after party was,but we all couldn't get in,saw Larry Landless who was going to try to get us in,but in the end,we all just wanted to get pissed up,so we went in search for a club.
Along the way,taking some funny pics of the boys with unconcious bums,:eek::eek::eek:s and whino's we bumped into my other mate and his missis,who got us all in this fucking expensive club.

After showing the guys the crippler shuffle on the dance floor,
having to turn down women left right and centre,taking some fucking funny pics of ollin and naked with "London Romo's",We hit the streets of soho,walking in and out of porn shops.

There is so fucking much more to write about,Donegal,Naked and ollin are great guys,and I enjoyed drinking the fuckers under the table;) .Hopefully the pics will come out,and I will post them.

All in All............saturday was a great day.:cool:
As you probably know quite a few of us met up at UFC 38 in the UK. When the pics are ready then expect a few laughs.

We will try to let you in on all we got upto but the day basically went like this, met the fighters, watched the show and then went out on the town.

Highlights briefly are the amount of nutters on the street, babes and most importantly ROMO's everywhere.

Expect nakedchoke, Crippler and Donegal to post when they arrive back home.

More to come....

hahaha.........and I am sure I told some of you fockers to look out for Mark Weir.;)
Ditto that, we started our own thread but didn't see this one. You forgot about Donegals ass, how could you though after seeing so much of it. :D

We'll have to find out from Jason what happened with Jessica. After we left him in the lobby we heard her distinctive voice make it's way towards his room, did the Irish charm work?
Donegal ass was everywhere!!

Who the fuck is Jessica?????
We came home,once we got our bags from the room.
Originally posted by OilinDaDrum
Elvis & Rock and Roll, a little less conversation.

HAHAHAHA.:D ...........Fockers.............
good to see you had a great time..... November will kick ass as well Kevin, believe me we'll have a drink the dutch way!!!! whaahahaha DA PPPPPPPOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
whahaha, sounds like you had a great time..... that is the way it is supposed to be!
Ollin had a great offer off a beautiful woman to give him head.

he declined.
Originally posted by CriPpLeR
Ollin had a great offer of a beautiful woman to give him head.

he declined.

Please give the full details!! :D
Originally posted by CriPpLeR

They were not lesbians...................they were drag queens.

Dont start the drag queen convo, coz you know that i have got a little some thing on you!!!!

I qoute "it's still an ass"

Originally posted by OilinDaDrum

Dont start the drag queen convo, coz you know that i have got a little some thing on you!!!!

I qoute "it's still an ass"


Whatever do you mean young man?:eek:
come on kev, im sure you remember!!!

I will let Jason elaborate.
sounds like a riot guys

i watched it in the house with my wife still not going into fucking labour

i could of been there:(

maybe next time eh!

or maybe we could meet up for one of the UK events later on in the year and then i can show you sothern softies how to drink!