"Official" Glove of the UFC


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I saw a pair of Century UFC gloves available at a local sports store labeled as the official gloves of the UFC. Has Century replaced Ouano for this title? By the way, those suckers had a $70 price tag on them.
Yes, unfortunately they have. Century is the largest martial arts equipment supplier in the world, which probably means they gave the ufc the most money inorder to be call the "official" glove. If you have read many of the threads on here about which companies make the best gear, Century is almost always at the bottom of the list. so I imagine the quality of the new ufc gear will be the same.

Century mostly manufactures gear for traditional martial arts, this where they get all of the volume (of sales) from.
I popped open a box to check them out and they did seem to be of pretty shitty quality. The white UFC logo was faded and it was an awkward open thumb design. They also have a much cornier and even poorer quality "training glove" that I used for Rich Franklin's signature. For $30 bucks though, I feel very ripped off.
I saw them at sportmart, crappy gloves, don't buy anything by century
The silver training glove looks like foam wrapped with duct tape. Century blows, but of course at my gym theres a genius who thinks he's the next world champion of the UFC and everything he uses is made by century (he even has the UFC branded heavy bag) phucking tool
I saw them at sportmart, crappy gloves, don't buy anything by century

I beg to differ

Reminds me of my "Tough Skins" from the 70's/80's.

I'm guessing not too many people remember them.:D
So which one of us young whippersnappers want to start a petition for a re-run of Action Jeans?
Degrading Century products has become a cliche on this board more than anything. The UFC gloves and gear are all approved by the UFC before being released. The punching bag, tear drop bag and grappling dummy are of very good quality and are nothing like the old Century punching bags. This stuff has held up really well in my gym and I've yet to see a bad review for these new products. If someone has one I wish they'd post a link.

Here's a quote from Clay Guida on the new gloves.
i actually have a pair, just cuz i was tempted cuz they were mis marked at dick's, they were tagged 30 bucks like the cheap training gloves. i used them for some bag & pad work. The pad is actually every bit as thick as my CSI amateur comp gloves, and the leather is very soft, yet extremely soft. the main reason i bought them is because i have very small hands, and i thought the fully thumbless design would help my grip, which it did. they are good quality gloves, just don't use them on a bag if you value your knuckles.
oh, and if you spend 79.99 on them, wow you're a tool!
Ufc website had an article a long while back saying the change in the new glovesand the fighters seemed to like them more
i saw them today at sports authority. they look like crap and they dont seem very durable imo